Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tomoe London

Grilled Unagi

Grilled Aubergine with Miso


Assorted Sashimi

Grilled Razor Clam

King Prawn Tempura

Fried Beancurd with Udon

Sushi Nigiri and Sushi Rolls

More Sushi Rolls

Eel and Avocado Roll

Home-Made Tofu

Dragon Roll

Sake Sorbet

Tomoe London was recommended by my Japanese hairdresser. Thankfully, the restaurant this time did not disappoint. However, it failed to shine as well. The sushi and sashimi slices were fresh and pretty good, with not too much rice in it. The other dishes were not bad as well, but none succeeded in really impressing me. My favourite sushi roll was the spicy tuna! I love tuna:) The fatty tuna nigiri was pretty good as well. Only miss of the day was the Sake Sorbet, which was gained unanimous disapproval from everyone. For a dessert, we were expecting something sweet but instead it tasted just like its name, Sake. It tasted like frozen Sake to be honest. The prices were a little bit pricey for a small restaurant like this and they seemed to have a weird penchant for unagi in their dishes. I thought the dragon roll would have prawn tempura in it, but turned out to be unagi instead. I don't like unagi:S So next one on my list of Japanese restaurants to try would be Cafe Japan.

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