Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Holland Village XO Fish Head Beehoon

Late dinner at 930pm and business was really good. Thankfully, though, the wait wasn't too long. Service was, as always, cordial at best, but like all Singaporeans, we sucked it up for the above average food.

I love san lou hor fun (sliced fish with thick kway teow, tossed in superior light soy sauce, sesame oil and idunnowhatelse), and their version always hits the spot cuz its heavyhanded on the light soy sauce. I love savoury food ;)

We also got a har cheong gai to share. The chicken was well coated with prawn paste, but I still prefer the version at the Alexandra Village branch of HK Street Chun Kee.

This was L's fish head bee hoon with XO- its supposedly tastier than the fish meat version (see below), cuz the bones 'impart' more flavour to the soup, but i'm usually just too lazy to have to suck and remove all the bones...:S

This is my Fish meat beehoon without XO. I wanted to see if it would be as tasty without the XO. The verdict? There is a pretty discernible difference between the XO and sans-XO versions. I personally prefer the former because its as savoury and tasty, and besides, the XO taste can get abit too strong sometimes.

I always say its a good sign when the hawker eats his own food at mealtimes. The famous owner of the stall was happily tucking into a big bowl of fish head beehoon at 1030pm, attesting to how good the food is (or he thinks it is).
Their fish head beehoon is a safe bet when im at holland village and dont feel like having the usual crystal jade/ amici/ walas fare. It's not the best (imo), but its good enough to make me return for more.

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