Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kam Tong Restaurant London

Roast Duck

Siew Yoke

Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper

Mixed Curry Vegetables

Having heard rave reviews from my friend Joseph as well as reading online reviews, I decided to check out this restaurant at Bayswater. After hearing that this place had roast duck that was better than that of Four Seasons, I was pretty sceptical about it. How right I was. :(

Being a huge fan of roast duck, I can devour a whole bird and 2 cups of rice in one sitting. :) However, this roast duck sorely lacked the taste to whet my appetite to such an extent. For a chinese restaurant, the dishes seemed to sorely lack in sodium. Amazing eh?

The roast duck seemed to be lacking any taste of sort. It was neither salty nor sweet (as per Four Seasons/Gold Mine). The only thing that they had in common was the same fattiness. The gravy had the same look and appearance as the the other restaurants, but it was extremely plain to say the least. I was really disappointed with my roast duck dinner tonight, and I actually contemplated buying back some of the real stuff from Four Seasons, but alas I was too full.

The only saving grace was the Siew Yoke though. It was crispy and salty, definitely providing a good contrast to the tasteless roast duck that I just had. For £8.50, the portion served for the deep fried squid was very small and as per Kam Tong style, it lacked salt as well. Lastly, the mixed vegetable curry is a very westernised version of the dish I'm used to back home (sayur lodeh) and please do not order it!:)

By the way, I gotta sort out my bad habit of starting to eat before taking pictures. An eager beaver does not make a good foodie.:P


  1. oh no sorry to hear you didnt enjoy ur duck this time round :( just stick to 4 seasons/ goldmine from now on haha..
    p/s pls dont bring me to kam tong if/when i come up to visit! ;P

  2. haha well the good thing about it was their service was impeccable! something you can't find at four seasons!:)))